About US

We are truly a small-scale urban farm located in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas. Since space is limited in the city, we have tackled this challenge by growing vertically and intensively. Our main focus is quality not quantity. It is important to us that our veggies are given a natural, clean life from seed to harvest.

Our goal is to grow high-quality, fresh foods without the harsh chemicals found in conventional growing methods. We are not certified organic, however we use certified organic seeds and certified organic growing  medium. Our growing methods are as pure and natural as possible, while creatively finding new ways to grow with limited space available.

Sustainability and waste reduction are extremely important to us. We compost and repurpose all the soil used in our growing process, and we utilize our home-grown vermicompost from our earthworm friends. We sanitize and reuse our microgreen growing trays.

We are currently experimenting with biodegradable paper pots for our upcoming microgreen variety packs.